LIX - The Smallest 3D Printing Pen in the World
This Smart & Awesome 3D pen enables you to doodle in the air. You can make anything out of it within just a few seconds.
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The Smallest 3D Printing Pen
in the World


Want to create
what you imagine?

Writing and drawing
in the air is now possible
with LIX

LIX functions similarly
to 3D printers

Quickly melt and cool the LIX colored plastic to create rigid, freestanding structures

crafted for creativity

Advanced technology meets beautiful design
From the sustainably aluminium body to the elegant
technological core, every detail in LIX combines
beautiful engineering and meticulous craft.

Lix 3D pen
filament input power socket 0.55 inch anodized
unibody aluminium
6.45 inch led head indicator 0.47 inch speed
control buttons
0.31 inch heating point
∼392 °F
filament output

This pen is the Technology That Touches the Peak of Professionalism

If you are stepping into your profession in a ground-breaking way, then this small and smart 3D printing pen will help you add that spark to your work.

LIX has great potential and can be a perfect tool for stylists, architects, designers and anybody who are interested in 3D printing. We also constantly have new ideas of how to ameliorate our 3D technology for a better future.

works with

abs filament
Greater strength, flexibility, malleability and higher temperature resistance. Has a hot plastic smell due to its petroleum-based plastic. Begins to melt at 356 °F and works at 446 °F

pla filament
Comes in a wide range of colors and levels of attractive glossy translucency. The plant-based origins and desirable semi-sweet smell. Has slightly less strength and flexibility than ABS and is also sensitive to moisture. Begins to melt at 320 °F and works at 356 °F.

get started

plug in to power
Plug in the power cable.

wait heat
Charging Time: In less than 1 minute you’ll reach the right heat so you can get started creating great things.

Enjoy LIX
Experience the pleasure of three dimensions and make your imagination a reality.

Existing 3D pens are large, heavy, uncomfortable and difficult to use.

small size

light weight


extreme portability

comfortable to use

beautiful design

aluminium body


lix 3d pen

Available in:
Black matte
White matte
$13995 usd
£8500 gbp

lix ball pen

Available in:
Black matte
White matte
$5995 usd
£3500 gbp